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Dr. Srour's office delivers the best care for patients with hearing impairment, Tinnitus (ringing) and balance disorders.



Our practice offers the best hearing advice in a professional manner without any bias for sale. All hearing advices and devices are provided by a doctor of audiology, not by a hearing aids dispenser. It takes a highly talented and experienced audiologist to be allowed to practice in our office and to serve my patients.
Our office provides variety of hearing aids, that are managed by a doctor of audiology .We do offer a month free trial for any type of hearing aids, my patient satisfaction is the ultimate goal. No “special offer” or “special deals” are allowed in our practice, integrity is key and hearing aids should fit the patient's needs.
There is nothing more satisfactory to us more than providing the blessing of hearing to our patients with hearing deficit. Please donate any unwanted or old hearing aids to help many that can’t afford them and living in a world of silence, isolation and embarrassment. 
We have pioneered many implantable hearing aids and devices, including Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA). This is covered by most insurances, including Medicare, where regular hearing aids would not be enough.


Probably you have heard that “nothing can done for ear ringing”, ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! We have helped hundreds of patients with the tinnitus problem. It all starts from the cause.
The options of treatment include medications, hearing improvement, Tinnitus Masking treatment, Biofeedback education and Tinnitus Maskers. Come to us with your Tinnitus problem, we welcome the challenge! We will try our best to make things better for you.



There is variety of conditions that we treat, these are some of them:
• Inner ear crystals ( BPPV)
• Meniere’s Disease
• Vestibular and inner ear dysfunction
• Vestibular neuritis
• Age related dizziness
We offer vestibular rehab and treatment in the office with Epley’s Maneuver ( for ear crystals) and advanced Meniere’s disease treatments.


What is a BAHA?

The BAHA is a surgically implantable system for treatment of hearing loss that works through direct bone conduction. It is an FDA approved modality to treat hearing loss , when regular hearing aid is a poor option. 
BAHA procedure and device are covered by insurances unlike regular hearing aids. Who is a Candidate for the BAHA System?

• One sided partial Hearing loss : most common causes are previous ear surgery like Mastoidectomy ( drill of the ear bone) 
• One sided deafness: most common causes are Sudden hearing loss and surgery like Acoustic Neuroma surgery 
• Chronic ear infection 
• Repeated ear infection by use of regular hearing aids 
• Narrowing of the ear canals, this could be congenital or acquired from surgery or infection 
• Congenital ear / ear canal deformity 


How does a BAHA work?

The system works by enhancing natural bone transmission as a pathway for sound to travel to the inner ear, bypassing the external auditory canal and middle ear. The titanium implant is placed during a short surgical procedure and over time naturally integrates with the skull bone. 
For hearing, the sound processor transmits sound vibrations through the external abutment to the titanium implant. The vibrating implant sets up vibrations within the skull and inner ear that finally stimulate the nerve fibers of the inner ear, allowing hearing. 

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