Our ENT Services

In Office Procedures


Skin Cancer Resection and Reconstruction

Nasal Polyps Removal

Snoring Treatment (Somnoplasty)

Cosmetic and Plastic procedures

Laser treatmnets 

Ear Ventilating Tube Placement

Nasal Blockage Treatment 

BOTOX Injections for TMJ Disorders

Face and Lips Fillers

Cosmetic BOTOX Injections

Upper Airway Biopsy and Lesion Excision

Treatment of Nose Bleeding







Hospital Based Surgeries 


Countless varieties of surgical procedures are performed weekly. We are bound to deliver  the up-to-date, minimally invasive, and highly successful surgical treatments. We have adopted the newest computer assisted sinus surgery technology, high resolution digital imaging, intra-operative computer assisted navigation systems, and the minimally invasive balloon assisted sinus surgery .

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